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WHITE HOLE THEATER is an experimental platform that merges real-world theatre with reality-enhancing technologies to tell stories in an unprecedented way.


WHITE HOLE THEATER is Denmark's only theater exclusively dedicated to the synthesis of performing arts with new technologies.


For us, it's essential to create the theater of the future based on the technologies that continually shape, manipulate, and constitute our reality and perception, both as individuals and as a society.

Throughout millennia, performing arts have evolved alongside technology. A central ambition of the project is therefore to explore the new artistic potential that technology offers while optimizing the artistic expression in a way that supports the development of human imagination and magical ability to perceive.


The purpose is to test where the interesting interdisciplinary and cross-aesthetic intersections are located in order to create performing arts that can tell the world in a new way and generate new narratives about ourselves.

At the same time, White Hole Theater will explore new communication platforms and approaches that can reach entirely new audiences with performing arts.

Viborg's status as a UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts has internationally recognized the city's creative strength and its innovative and technologically strong approach to storytelling.

Additionally, White Hole Theater builds upon Viborg's thousand-year history and the city's many symbols and narratives, which support both our identity and formation and our understanding of the present and future.

With the award-winning director and playwright Christian Lollike as the theater's curator, White Hole Theater will transcend time, space, individuals, dogmas, agendas, and consciousnesses, pushing new boundaries for performing arts and contributing to the new classics of this century.


Among other things, Viborg is home to The Animation Workshop / VIA University College, Phenomenal Viborg, and Plastic Collective, all of which work across animation, gaming, film, VR, and XR and will be strategically important partners for White Hole Theater.

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