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Current Projects at WHITE HOLE THEATER


WHITE HOLE THEATER’S 3 KINGS explores Viborg as it was, as it is, and as it might have been. It combines theatre performances and virtual reality technologies to tell the story of Viborg, transporting audiences back 800 years and unfolding history before their eyes. 



The 3 KINGS project is being developed and released as a series of mixed reality experiences that explore different time periods in the history of Viborg, and can be experienced in sequence or enjoyed individually.

The full schedule of 3 KINGS events include:

  • ARNOLD'S VISION:  A June 2021 sneak-peek into the 3 KINGS3 KINGS Universe.

  • VIBORG 1146: A VR experience that transports audiences from the Big Bang to medieval Viborg.

  • THE BATTLE #1: In Viborg 1150, the battle for the Danish throne is about to change history forever. But what if the audience could choose the king of Denmark, and shape the future? 


  • 3KINGS

The ultimate 3 KINGS experience will premiere in Viborg in 2024. Learn more about the 3 KINGS concept and development here. 

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