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White Hole Theater presents in collaboration with Viborg Municipality and Late Love Productions the multiverse performance.

3 KINGS a ground-breaking virtual reality theatre show where the audience sees the actors act physically and virtually.

The performance will premiere in 2024.


The year is 1146. Throughout Europe, royalty and nobles gather for crusades to reconquer the Holy Land. In Denmark, the last Vikings have died, England and Norway have been lost, the influence of the new religion Christianity is growing rapidly, and suddenly King Erik Lam becomes seriously ill and has to abdicate. Denmark suffers from the constant looting of the Wends on Danish coasts and is already on the brink of civil war after 15 years of brothers and cousins murdering each other with​​in the royal family. All free men are summoned in Viborg to elect the new king, but for the first time in Danish history, no agreement is reached. The smoldering conflict erupts, and 11 years of fierce battle between Svend 3rd  Grathe and Knud 5th begins. Meanwhile, the young popular prince Valdemar grows up to become a third candidate for the throne…


In 1146, Viborg hosted circa 500 inhabitants. The cathedral was under construction, and the fortification around the city was not built yet. Lille Sct. Mikkels Gade, Riddergade and Sct. Ibs Gade is the city's north-south main road in the early Middle age and no fewer than seven of the city's 12 medieval churches lay near to this street. The lake was smaller and  not divided at that time: a large neighbourhood was established down by the lake, yet later flooded, when in 1313 a mill was built on the southern part of Søndersø. More settlements were located up the hill, around Sankt Peder street, Stænderpladsen and Asmild on the other side of the lake. The Cathedral was built upon an existing church that remained in place and functioning until the dome was completed. Following below are some early 3D sketches of Viborg in 1146.  


Actors wil wear  motion capture suits and a VR headset. Part of the audience will also have VR headset available and the oportunity to participate to the theatre performace in an active way. While the actor performs, the motion capture system will send the motion data to the VR headset and thereby animate an avatar real-time in the virtual world. The audience will be able to see an live edit of the virtual show on the two screens placed at the side of the stage. We plan to distribute 3 KINGS via multiple channels, on site and remotely. The performace will be available as a VR single user and VR  multiuser, to experience at home or VR cinemas; as a video file to watch remotely; later, also as a game. 

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