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ARNOLD’S VISION was the first of 3 sneak peeks into 3 KINGS universe, that we share once a year with the public.

SYNOPSIS: Viborg 1146. Dusk. A fireplace and a stone. Many people have arrived in Viborg but the city is calm. The construction site of the future Viborg cathedral is silent. Men have already stop working for the day. We can hear the sound of ravens, doves and church mass. Arnold is sitting on the stone evoking the spirits of the night – Lygtemanden – and gets the audience attention.  During the night he will introduce the audience to the great events of the day to come. 


CONCEPT: In June 2021, we invited the audience to experience Viborg and Stænderpladsen anno 1146. A very different town and a deeply different time. With this performance, we aim at giving the audience a glimpse of the truly unique theatrical experience, which awaits them in 2024. Bounded by sunset and sunrise, Arnold’s Vision is a dive into a wacky night, imbued with the dangerous time of spirits and true visions. 

TECHNICAL CONCEPT: The participants wear VR headset in which they will experience the exact same place 800 years ago (1146). There is an actor playing Arnold (a skjald), who guides the audience (Lygtemanden) around the area while telling a story about the place, people and period. The actor wears a motion capture suit which sends data to the VR headset and thereby animate Arnold in the virtual world.

Release date: June 18th 2021  

Length: 15 minutes

Genre: digital teathre experience / historical drama

Target audience: young adults and above



Creator: Jakob Tekla Jørgensen

Producer: Lana Tankosa Nikolic

Technical director: Lars Hemmingsen

Creative Director: Martina Scarpelli

Financial Ambassador: Morten Thorning

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