White Hole Theater presents in collaboration with Viborg Municipality and Late Love Productions the multiverse performance 3 KINGS a ground-breaking virtual reality theatre show where the audience sees the actors act physically and virtually. The performance will premiere in 2024.



What if you could walk around your town and see through a pair of glasses, the same place 800 years before?

ARNOLD’ S VISION is the first of 3 sneak peeks into 3 KINGS universe that we share once a year with the public. In June 2021, we'll invite the audience to experience Viborg and Stænderpladsen anno 1146. A very different town and a deeply different time, a time of kings and bishops, Christianity and Paganism. Bounded by sunset and sunrise, ARNOLD' S VISION is a dive into a wacky night, imbued with the dangerous time of spirits and true visions. 


The performance will be hosted at Stænderpladsen in Viborg, June 18th - 19th - 20th, for 10 people at each time, aiming at giving the audience a glimpse of the truly unique theatrical experience, which awaits them in 2024.