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WHO ARE THE ACTORS?  Inside/Outside the Metaverse

A conference on storytelling and audience agency in immersive theater experiences and games.

October 28th 2022 from 10-17 - Viborg​

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What is time? What is history? And what does it have to do with me? A VR experience about history, memory, and time in collaboration with Viborg Museum & PLASTIC Collective.

In a 12 minutes long VR-experience, the audience is led through time and space back to medieval Viborg, the scene of a bloody civil war, and all the way back to the Big Bang and far out into the universe.
Viborg 1146 creates a fascinating space for reflection on who we are and where we come from.

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THE BATTLE is a magnificent drama that unites theater, virtual reality and a live concert by Den Sorte Skole. With Peter Flyvholm, Morten Brovn, Alexander Mayah Larsen and Kasper Ravnhøj  acting as prince Knud, bishop Svend, prince Valdemar and Ulf the warior. 

Stænderpladsen,  19th-22nd June 2022.



Viborg 1146. Dusk. A fireplace and a stone. Many people have arrived in Viborg but the city is calm. The construction site of the future Viborg cathedral is silent.  Arnold is sitting on the stone evoking the spirits of the night.  During the night he will introduce the audience to the great events of the day to come. 

Stænderpladsen,  June 18th-22nd 2021

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